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MEET The pack

Max Israel Collier


A Frenchman trapped in a Belgian man’s body, our co-founder Max adds drive and integrity to the wolfpack. With an MBA in Strategic Innovation his vision is far beyond the eye of an eagle. Max is fueled by Nutella covered Crepes and football hooliganism.

Joe Ezra Kellard

The co-founder who is always in possession of a banana due to his constant hunger. Joe is a marketing guru and will take you away with his immense passion and appreciation for creativity, innovation and strategy. An avid wildlife/travel photographer and outdoor-obsessed, Joe spends his free time in the mountains with the birds and the trees.

Camille Teves Camahort


Camille brings perspective to the wolfpack with her unique out of the box thinking and excellent attention to detail. Being a serious morning person, she never fails to have everyone up and ready to go whether it is a sunrise mission up a mountain or our regular day to day work.

Yuhau Lu Bean


Yuhao Bean Lu grew up in China and moved to Vancouver to pursuit his PhD. On his way to becoming a lab nerd, Bean started spending more time out in the woods with his camera chasing waterfalls and sunrises with friends and other creatives. Although Bean is his nickname, friends still give him more nicknames for his nickname.

Chat with him and you will know.

Michel Afflerbach


Our German adrenaline junkie, Michel is currently scaling the peaks of New Zealand with his bare hands, creating killer content. He is an extreme adventure photographer and avid explorer who is up for anything at all times. His constant on the go attitude keeps the wolfpack motivated and striving for more.